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Our Resources

Choose Your Voice and Voices into Action offer a wealth of free curriculum-based teaching resources and tools to help educate students about prejudice, human rights and social justice. Past and current events are examined in depth with many activities for students. Educators register to access fully customizable lesson plans, course connections and rubrics. All resources are mobile ready so educators and students can access them from anywhere.

Always FREE to register

Choose Your Voice

Supports the learning outcomes of the provincial curricula for grades 6, 7 and 8. Can be adapted for students in younger and older grades as well as for ESL, gifted and disabled learners, secondary Applied level and others.

  • Students learn about prejudice, hate and genocide and are asked to consider the choices they make and the way they use their voice
  • 4 units that can be taught consecutively or individually

Voices into Action

Teaches students about social justice and human rights while meeting requirements of provincial curricula for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Can be adapted for post-secondary, ESL students and adults.

  • Students are inspired to speak out, and to go even further by turning their voices into action.
  • 6 units with 30 chapters that can be taught consecutively or individually

Both programs are FREE and include:

  • Compelling videos that support the objectives of each unit
  • Teaching plans and assessments
  • Activities that include written assignments, discussion, role play scenarios and group work
  • Content or fact sheets, PDF creation, glossary, student worksheets, evaluation tools


The CRRF Award of Excellence

The CRRF Award of Excellence recognizes organizations whose efforts represent best practices in building an awareness and understanding of Canadian values and identity that are reflective of Canadian diversity.

Choose Your Voice

2010 Winner of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Award of Excellence

Voices into Action

2016 Winner of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Award of Excellence

Letter from Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

Premier Kathleen Wynne knows FAST well. As Ontario Minister of Education, she attended our Milestone Event in 2009, celebrating reaching half a million students with Choose Your Voice. She was unable to attend the launch event for Voices into Action, held in April 2015 and sent this letter.